Company Profile

PANSiK Scuola di Moda was established in 1977 and has been providing ever since professional courses, covering all sections of the fashion industry. It is a private school specializing in Fashion, Art & Media, with an established diploma in Greece and abroad.

PANSiK is recognized by the Ministry of Education and EOPPEP (National Organization of Qualification Certification and Professional Orientation) with License Code 2101030.

PANSiK provides exclusively annual, 2 years and 3 years education programs, as well as intensive and short term courses.

The WHiTE pages magazine published by PANSiK, is our online annual fashion and art magazine, filled with work, articles and editorials of our students.

The Graduate Fashion Show is annually organized and funded by PANSiK every June, providing to all of our senior students the opportunity to show their artistic work to professionals from the fashion, art and Media industry. We our proud that the most established designers, stylists, journalists, bloggers, national and international companies support the work of PANSiK by firstly supporting our graduates, providing them with professional opportunities.

Studies at PANSiK are always accompanied by respect towards our students: respect to their time, their money but first and foremost to their personal dreams and goals. Always pioneering in the education industry, PANSiK is the first educational organization that brought to Greece specialized Fashion Styling, Fashion Marketing, Shoe Design, Accessories Design and Visual Merchandising courses.

To whoever wishes to get involved in the Fashion Industry, the choice of the adequate school and the right people to guide them, are the most crucial points for a successful start. Hence the reason a deep research is needed before the decision is made. The conditions have changed and now the financial crisis is in our daily routine. However, the new generation shouldn’t be deprived of their right to dream and set goals. The opportunities for creativity and new specialties in the Fashion Industry are many. The right time is now for everyone to prepare and acquire all necessary qualifications and knowledge in order to be ready and competitive in the near future, where this specific industry will be even more demanding and prosperus.