The main goal of PANSiK is the efficient and integrated training, the adjustment of tuitions according to the Greek market’s standards and finally the provision of financial support to our students through our scholarship system.

Every year, we give up to 4 full and partial scholarships for all our study programs.

There are two basic scholarship categories:

1. New student scholarship

The criteria considered for this scholarship are mainly the candidate’s portfolio for the program of interest, personal interview with the school’s Head of Education and the Academic consultant, their annual income and their resume.

Applications for October programs will only be accepted from March 1 to April 30.

*Important: Applications sent beyond this time limit will not be accepted.

2. Extension of studies scholarship

After the completion of the academic year, graduates that have obtained a distinction award are provided with a scholarship in order to further educate themselves in another area of fashion at PANSiK. Basic criteria are the students’ final transcript of progress, consistency and ethics that were shown through their studies, their progress and of course their future aims and goals.

Application proccedure

The applicant must send the following documents to the Head of education at

– Portfolio of personal creative work

– Bio

– Cover Letter

– Tax income of the previous year

It is with great pleasure to announce the names of the scholars for the academic year of 2016-2017.

Gkeka Merita FULL SCHOLARSHIP «Fashion Management»

Paschali Maria HALF SCHOLARSHIP «Fashion Design & Construction»