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PANSiK offers  a variety of seminars and master classes for every age. The seminars take place every year in morning and evening groups, covering all the fields of fashion. To participate in these seminars one has to strive for creativity and be passionate about fashion.

The school specifically offers:

  • Seminars and workshops for all the programs taught at PANSiK, for people who want to get professionally involved in the fashion industry or who wish to find a creative hobby.
  • Professional Master Classes for professionals who wish to extend their technical knowledge and experience.
  • Tailor made seminars that aim to cover specific needs. These seminars take place upon request from our client and can take place in the client’s premises.
  • Tailor made seminars for those who wish to catch up with specific lectures and knowledge.

*PANSiK student are entitled to a 10% discount to all the seminars whereas some of them are offered for free.