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The Program

The Advanced Fashion Studies course is a specialized and high level educational program directed to those who wish to advance their knowledge on garment creation,  curation and promotion.

A fashion designer is highly affected by the technological and sociopolitical changes in the global fashion industry.

In addition with all the technical and theoretical knowledge, the profession also requires marketing and fashion branding, the use of new technologies and the creation of the sale procedure for a collection.

The program includes haute couture classes, specialized creation techniques, menswear, fashion marketing, branding, business of fashion, project research and design.

Designed to offer both highly theoretical and practical knowledge on the subject, this program succeeds the highest level of fashion studies for students in Greece.

The academic tutors are well established professionals with a multi year professional and educational experience on the field, who are constantly informed on all new developments and techniques in the fashion industry and applied arts.


Entry criteria

The acceptance of a student for this program requires the following:

  1. The successful completion of the 2 years Fashion Design & construction program at PANSiK or
  2. A successful completion of a Fashion Design and Creation program from another educational institute (min 2 years).

For students coming from another institution, final scores and portfolio’s assessment are required

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This program aims at the acquisition of technical and theoretical knowledge, experiences, the development of social skills and professional behavior in order for the students to enter in the fashion industry or get engaged in another academic career.

Some of the basic pillars of our educational system are firstly the development of creativity and aesthetics  of our students and secondly the research and development of ideas,  stimulations and influences.

In addition, the program exclusively offers the students the following:

  • PANSiK books (in Greek) that include a design book, a pattern making book and fabric theory.
  • An innovative electronic pattern program with adobe Illustaror exclusively at PANSiK.
  • Additional seminars that are offered either free of charge or with a special price (ex 3d printing, origami techniques, Japanese costume)
  • Visits at cultural venues , shows, museums and showrooms
  • Fashion meetings and creative discussions with well established and well known professionals from the Greek and global fashion, art and media market .


Career Opportunities

 Successful  graduates are given plenty of promising career opportunities through systematic and substantive collaboration with PANSiK.

  • Academic coaching

The Academic coach is always available for our students, providing them with a full professional and psychological support. He is responsible for the guidance of our students, the editing of their CV and the coaching for job and university interviews.

  • Internships/ Jobs

Our connections office brings our students in a direct contact with the market for either an internship or a full time job. PANSiK holds a high network of collaborators who absorb every year our graduates.

 Graduate Fashion Show

The final Annual Graduate Fashion Show consists the formal closure of the academic year.  With professional models and partners, our graduates get to showcase their capsule collections to a VIP crowd consisted of designers, stylists, fashion marketers and bloggers.

  • WHiTE pages fashion magazine

The annual  fashion magazine , WHiTE pages, produced by PANSiK is another one of our great showcases of our students work. In collaboration with the biggest fashion photographers, our top students capsule collections are included in the editorials of the magazine and enrich their portfolios.

  • Collaborations

Every year PANSiK collaborates with important companies who are active in both Greece and globally. The purpose of these collaborations is the co planning of fashion events, art events, exhibitions and contests, providing our students with great additions to their portfolios.

  • Educational trips

PANSiK plans educational trips to fashion  capitals, such are the Pret a porter and premiere vision exhibition in Paris, The vogue festival in London, Milan and Rome.

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  • Moulage
  • Haute couture techniques
  • Fabric theory III
  • Menswear
  • Digital pattern cutting menswear
  • Fashion Management
  • Branding
  • Styling
  • Fashion Cultures II
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Production, Budgeting and Pricing a collection
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