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The Program

Online Fashion Design Foundation is the only specialized online fashion course in Greece that fully prepares prospect students for their entry in universities abroad.

It is an annual program that focuses on the thorough design of a garment. The syllabus of the program covers every aspect of fashion design, from the initial idea, the final illustration, the digital design and the theory/history of fashion (behind the design) until the creation of a final portfolio.

Combining the theory with practice, our students have the opportunity to participate during their studies to national competitions, fashion exhibitions and cultural events.

The academic tutors are well established professional s with a multiyear professional and educational experience on the field, who are constantly informed for all new developments and techniques in the fashion industry and applied arts.

The program is addressed to:

  • Those who wish to prepare and create a portfolio in order to continue their studies in Universities abroad.
  • Those who wish to focus on their theoretical and technical knowledge of  the design of a garment and not its creation


After the successful completion, the students are given a certification of studies. The students who wish to get involved in the fashion industry , have the opportunity to continue their studies to the 1st year of Fashion Design & Construction course, excluding the modules they were taught in the FFD.

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This program aims at the acquisition of technical and theoretical knowledge, experiences, as well as the development of social skills and professional behavior in order for the students to enter in the fashion industry or get engaged in another academic career.

Some of the basic pillars of our educational system are firstly the development of creativity and aesthetics of our students and secondly the research and development of ideas,  stimulations and influences.

In addition, the program exclusively offers the students:

  • PANSiK books (in Greek) that include a design book, a pattern making book and fabric theory.
  • An innovative electronic pattern program with adobe Illustrator exclusively at PANSiK.
  • Additional seminars that are offered either free of charge or with a special price (ex 3d printing, origami techniques, Japanese costume)
  • Visits in cultural venues , shows, museums and showrooms
  • Fashion meetings and creative discussions with well established and well known professionals from the Greek and global fashion, art and media market.



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  • Fashion Illustration
  • Fabric theory
  • Technical Drawing
  • Fashion theory
  • Technical design
  • Digital creation
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What you need

  • Computer with regular office software (PC or MAC)
  • High speed internet connection preferred (wired connection recommended)
  • PDF Reader (Adobe Acrobat Reader (PC) or Preview App. (Mac))
  • Powerpoint software
  • A video player (Media Player / QuickTime / VLC)


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