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The Program

A highly creative seminar for children from 12 to 16 years old, which aims for students to create, express themselves and get to know the field of Fashion and creation!

The seminar focuses on both the hand-made design and digital applications of fashion. In the hand-made creative part of the seminar, we will see how an idea develops, how we express it and how through it we end up with a complete result (whether it is one piece, or an entire collection, or a pattern, etc.)

In the Digital part of the seminar, students will learn to use Adobe's most basic digital design program, Adobe Illustrator, which is widely used by designers around the world. They will learn to create their own compositions - illustrations, to decipher images, to colour, to digitize their sketches, drawings and photographs, in order to process and perfect them.

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Meet the teachers

- Elena Christou decided to deal with fashion at a professional level when she realized how much it affects most of her daily life. After graduating from PANSiK Scuola di Moda, and after her collaboration for the second consecutive season with the fashion brand Aikidiounot, she is happy to announce the release of her own brand!

Its name is "make your lemonade" and it offers children and baby unisex clothes and accessories, made of organic cotton. Looking at nature and being inspired by it, Elena used natural fabrics, dyeing some of them with fruits and vegetables, and created unique colours, non-toxic to the environment.

Elena's goal is to evolve her brand, constantly creating new designs and colours, which will teach children and parents how easy it is to keep our environment healthy!

- Katerina Rigopoulou has a BA degree in fashion design (Bachelor of Arts) and is a professional user of digital tools in the field of fashion design. She has worked as a digital creator in the studios of La Stampa, Ioanna Kourbela and many other fashion brands.

Her relationship with technology is inextricably linked to her past, before her involvement with fashion, as a graduate of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Technology of the Polytechnic School of the University of Patras. She has strong academic experience, as he has worked as a PhD candidate at the University of Patras and has taught courses of the School of Electrical Engineering to students.

Katerina also specialized in Social Media Curation & Marketing at Central Saint Martins, taking Fashion Content Marketing courses and working as Social Media Curation & Marketing Manager in many brands in Greece and abroad. Her experience in the fashion industry is extensive having worked as a Social Media Manager, E-shop Developer & Manager, Stylist and Creative Assistant at Hallelujah, L' Anesse Royale, ΣCIM-A Creative Team, JNLeoussis, Glow, Bride, La Vaca Loca, Philip Morris and collaborated with many photographers and designers

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