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Fashion Management aims at the successful management, promotion and development of a fashion company, a brand, an event as well as a fashion professional.

We are going through challenging times, filled with changes which lead to a redefinition of institutions, ideas and values all for a significant and meaningful evolution. Fashion has always been a pioneer, not only regarding trends, clothes and accessories but also regarding aesthetics, the way of living and communication. The entire fashion industry is already one day ahead embedding new technologies and communications.

The fashion Management course is a realistic program based on theoretical and business orientation, taught by well known and successful professionals from the fashion industry.

The curriculum focuses on the fields that fashion and its products can be promoted and advertised (Event Planning, Public Relations, Direction of a Fashion Magazine, Media Management, Advertisement, Journalism, Art Direction, Marketing, Visual Merchandising), as well as all the ways in which students can promote their selves and stand out in the Market.

Significant innovation is the inclusion of social media training, in order to enable students to be successfully recruited as Social Media Managers in the Fashion Industry.

Combining theory with practice, our students have the opportunity to participate during their studies in international competitions, fashion shows and cultural events.

The academic tutors are well established professional s with a multiyear professional and educational experience on the field, who are constantly informed for all new developments and techniques in the fashion industry and applied arts.

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Aim of this program is the emphasis on the innovative sectors of communication, social media, marketing and branding as well as the analysis of social, cultural and technological aspects that affect the market.

In addition, it enables students to understand the work ethics of the profession, to develop a special ability to present verbally and in written a thesis and eventually create a team spirit for their potential future client.

PANSiK is the only school in Greece with such a great range of collaborations and events every year. Basic priority is for the students to receive a deep understanding of the subject and actively participate to all the above in order to have a rich resume already by their graduation.

This program exclusively provides:

  • Fashion meetings and creative discussions from well established professionals from the Greek and international market of fashion, arts and media.
    • Visits to cultural spaces, art shows, museums, fashion shows and showrooms.
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  • -Fashion Marketing
  • -Advertisement
  • -Branding
  • -Crisis Management
  • -Budgeting
  • -Social Media & Fashion Blogging
  • -New Fashion Media
  • -Fashion Theory
  • -Fashion Trends
  • -E Marketing
  • -Event Management
  • -Public Relations
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Τί χρειάζεστε για να συμμετέχετε

  • Computer with regular office software (PC or MAC)
  • High speed internet connection preferred (wired connection recommended)
  • PDF Reader (Adobe Acrobat Reader (PC) or Preview App. (Mac))
  • Powerpoint software
  • A video player (Media Player / QuickTime / VLC)
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