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The Program

During this online seminar, the student will be taught all the basic tools and methodologies of Adobe Photoshop for photo editing, digital collage creation (such as mood boards etc.), and basic graphic design for fashion professionals.

The seminar is addressed to all fashion professionals who work with images, such as designers, stylists, visual merchandisers, fashion journalists, fashion social media managers, etc.

By the end of the course, the students will be fully acquainted with all the tools and techniques of Photoshop that they will need as fashion professionals, to process images and be able to create image compositions and stylish graphics.

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What you will need

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • High speed internet connection preferred (wired connection recommended)
  • PDF Reader (Adobe Acrobat Reader (PC) or Preview App. (Mac))


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About the instructor

Katerina Rigopoulou, a graduate of Middlesex University London with a degree in fashion design (Bachelor of Arts), works as Social Media Curation & Marketing Manager in many brands in Greece and abroad. She specialized in Social Media Curation & Marketing at Central Saint Martins, taking Fashion Content Marketing courses.

She has an extensive presence in the fashion industry, having worked as a Social Media Manager, E-shop Developer & Manager, Stylist and Creative Assistant at Hallelujah, L 'Anesse Royale, ΣCIM-A Creative Team, JNLeoussis, Glow, Bride, La Vaca Loca, Philip Morris and has collaborated with many photographers and designers.

She is an excellent user of digital tools in the field of fashion design. She has worked in this field in the studios of La Stampa, Ioanna Kourbela and many others.

Her relationship with technology is inextricably linked to her past, before her involvement with fashion, as a graduate of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Technology of the Polytechnic School of the University of Patras. She has strong academic experience, as he has worked as a PhD candidate at the University of Patras and has taught courses of the School of Electrical Engineering to students at a tuition center in Patras.

Katerina Rigopoulou
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