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The Program

In the fashion industry, technical fashion creators are the most wanted and the profession is established as the one with the fastest work establishment.

The course includes all the technical fashion areas (pattern making and enlargement). It focuses on different design techniques, from the conception of the garment until its finalized creation focusing on details and the high quality of sewing.

The students choose designs and learn how to discover all the possibilities of turning a design from 2D to 3D. Personal style is developed through different constructive methods, cutting and sewing. Students are also familiarized with all the necessary mechanical equipment for clothing construction and their safe and proper use.

The syllabus is based on the exclusively Italian system of PANSiK that excludes geometry.

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This  program exclusively offers the students:

  • PANSiK books (in Greek) that include a design book, a pattern making book and fabric theory.
  • An innovative electronic pattern program with adobe Illustrator exclusively at PANSiK.
  • Additional seminars that are offered either free of charge or with a special price (ex 3d printing, origami techniques, Japanese costume)
  • Visits in cultural spaces , shows, museums and showrooms
  • Fashion meetings and creative discussions with well established and well known professionals from the Greek and global fashion, art and media market .
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  • -Sketching techniques
  • -Pattern making
  • -Moulage
  • -Cutting
  • -Sewing
  • -Haute couture techniques
  • -Fabric theory
  • -Fashion illustration
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